Energy Communities are local sole proprietorships, through which citizens can primarily be active in the energy sector, utilizing clean energy sources, cultivating a framework of energy democracy. Residents and local actors become active participants in energy production and consumption, with tangible benefits for households and businesses.

The Energy Community of Chalki, ChalkiOn, is the first energy community in the Dodecanes. It was established on May 19, 2021, based on the City Hall of Chalki. Among its founding members is the Municipality of Chalki, a fact stating the support of the local authorities towards the Community.

The ultimate goal of the Energy Community is its contribution to a sustainable Economic and Social Development for all, starting from the base of our local Community. Here, Articles of Association of the Energy Community, the structure and the goals that have been set since its inception are presented.
In this endeavor, first in all the Dodecanese, we maintain and expand our permanent cooperation with national and European institutions for the development of technologies and innovations and we participate in projects and actions, especially in matters of energy, circular economy and environmental management.

With the sponsorships and donations of many companies of private and public interest but also with the government support at central and regional level, Chalki Energy Community has in its jurisdiction a fully operational solar power station, using photovoltaic panels. The installed capacity of the station is 1MW, a size capable of covering the annual energy needs in electricity of Chalki.

In particular, the members of the Energy Community will benefit through the process of Virtual Net Metering. Through this, a direct reduction will be applied in the competitive part of the energy bills.

Frequent Asked Questions

The scope of the Energy Community, as stated in it's articles of association are:

  • The promotion of the social and solidarity economy
  • Promoting innovation in the energy sector
  • Addressing energy poverty
  • Production, storage, self-consumption, sale, distribution and supply of energy
  • Improving energy efficiency
  • Providing innovative energy services and products to community members and residents and visitors of Chalki
  • In general, the protection of the environment and the sustainability of Chalki
  • The above goals can be achieved through a variety of actions that are already planned for the immediate next time period.

    At the same time, as the Energy Community is by definition a cooperative, we call on all our members to actively participate in the planning and implementation of the next actions, through the submission of proposals and ideas that promote the above objectives and in general the development of Chalki through energy sustainability.

    The Chalki Energy Community currently has a photovoltaic power plant frames.

    The nominal power output of the plant is 999.47 kWp. It is located on a 20 acres land, near Kania beach and the new port of Chalki.

    Is consists of 2,246 panels with nominal power of 445 Wp each and 4 inverters. Additionally, it has all necessary electrical equipment for the interconnection with the 20 kV power grid and a fully operational SCADA system.

    The station was built after the sponsorship of PPC SA in collaboration with Vinci Energies / Omexom Hellas and Akuo Energy. The technical work was performed by the company Spyropoulos SA.

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